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Witness the origins of a legend – experience Arsene Lupin’s transformation from humble burglar to folklore hero.


'Arsene Lupin – Once A Thief' offers an immersive journey into the world of the iconic gentleman-burglar. Delve into these iconic tales to discover how the legend was forged.

Experience the evolution of Arsène Lupin’s persona from a moral standpoint, through daring heists, daring escapes, intriguing investigations, and a touch of romance.

The narrative unfolds through captivating fireside conversations between Arsene Lupin and the author, Maurice Leblanc. Lupin recounts his past exploits to Leblanc in the present, allowing players to actively participate in these renowned escapades.

The player embodies Lupin, occasionally taking control of other characters such as Detective Ganimard, offering diverse perspectives on Lupin’s actions and the inspector’s perception. Some stories will be presented from different viewpoints, preserving Maurice Leblanc’s surprise elements



Genre: Adventure & Detective Game
Platform: PC, PS5 & PS4, XB1, XBXS, NSW
Release: 2024
Texts: EFIGS, KR & SC + TC // PL, RU, CZ, NL, BR/PT 

Developed by: Blazing Griffin
Published by: Microids

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